[CentOS-mirror] Mirror Request

Mon Aug 25 05:13:12 UTC 2014
Daniel Watson <Daniel at glovine.com.au>

Gday Dan,

Are you sure its up to date?  When did you sync last?

Daniel Watson
Network Administrator / Network Operations Manager

E Daniel at GloVine.com.au
W www.GloVine.com.au

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Perth mirror should be up to date now!

And RU,UK,USA,AUS mirrors all look good to go!

Dan Derebenskiy, Go-Parts

On 2014-08-20 23:39, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> On 21/08/14 05:08, dderebenskiy at go-parts.com wrote:
>> I noticed our Sponsor links to Go-Parts say
>> http://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/http;//www.go-parts.com
>> instead of http://www.go-parts.com
>> If you could fix that it would be greatly appreciated!
> Done, and I realized that I just did a copy/paste from the Sponsor URL 
> line from your first email :-)
>> Also, A DNS lookup should be ok.
> Ok, four IP addresses added in the ACL, so can you confirm that it 
> works ? (will be implemented on all msync nodes in the next 30 
> minutes).
>> I double checked the IP as well and it says it is in Florida, but 
>> when I asked our people, I was told it was indeed in Michigan. Maybe 
>> it moved somehow? If this isn't possible I will ask again.
> No problem, I entered it as being in FL so nothing to change :-)
>> Thanks,
>> Dan Derebenskiy, Go-Parts
> PS : can you verify your mirror in Perth/Australia as it's already 
> marked as outdated .
> Cheers,
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