[CentOS-mirror] ibiblio mirror

Sun Aug 31 09:41:08 UTC 2014
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

On 30/08/14 22:00, Don Sizemore wrote:
>     I've checked in our mirrors DB and I don't see any reference to ibiblio
>     so it seems that mirror has never been publicly announced or inserted in
>     the DB.
>     Can you get your mirror updated and then tell us when done ? (see
>     http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreatePublicMirrors)
>     I'll then add it .
> Whoops!  Assumed we were already there (sorry):
> HTTP: http://distro.ibiblio.org/centos/
> FTP: ftp://distro.ibiblio.org/centos/
> RSYNC: coming soon
> Sync schedule: Every 4 hrs
> Bandwidth: 1GB/s
> Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
> Sponsor: ibiblio.org <http://ibiblio.org>
> Sponsor URL: http://www.ibiblio.org
> IP to authorize:
> Email contact: dls at ibiblio.org <mailto:dls at ibiblio.org>
> Thank you,
> Donald

I've now added that mirror in the mirrors DB and it will normally be
listed as a public mirror (and on http://mirror-status.centos.org /
http://centos.org/download/mirrors/ ) in the following hours.
Your IP has been whitelisted (check that it's working in the following hour)


Fabian Arrotin
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