[CentOS-mirror] [Moldova, Chisinau] New Mirror: mirror.as43289.net

Sven Wiese s.wiese at trabia.net
Mon Jan 13 07:47:21 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,

As I saw there was some issue with the mailing list, so I am submitting 
this e-mail from last week again.

I'm glad to announce that we've setup a new public mirror for CentOS in 
our data center in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Mirror details:
Hostname: mirror.as43289.net
IPv4 Address:
IPv6 Address: 2a00:1dc0::f00d

Connectivity: 1 Gbps
Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Data Center: Trabia-Network

Upstream: eu-msync.centos.org
Update Interval: every 6 hour

HTTP access: http://mirror.as43289.net/centos
FTP access: ftp://mirror.as43289.net/centos
RSYNC access: rsync://mirror.as43289.net/centos

Sponsor/Maintainer name: Trabia-Network
Sponsor/Maintainer website: www.trabia.net
Mirror support/contact: noc at trabia.net

We'd like to submit the mirror as an official mirror.

The mirror is already an Official Country Mirror for Ubuntu 
(md.archive.ubuntu.com and md.releases.ubuntu.com CNAME's to the mirror)
as well as it'll be soon an Official Country Mirror for Debian 

The mirror server will be upgraded during spring to 2x10 Gbps (20 Gbps) 
connectivity and as well the storage capacity. More projects are being 
added within the next weeks.

Do you have push support so trigger a sync?

I hope all of you had a successful start in the new year 2014!


Sven Wiese

[t] +373 22 994-994; +852 8199-0344
[e] s.wiese at trabia.net <mailto:s.wiese at trabia.net>
[i] www.trabia.net <http://www.trabia.net>

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