[CentOS-mirror] 答复: how can I join the public mirror ?

Sven Wiese s.wiese at trabia.net
Mon Mar 3 10:57:02 UTC 2014


On 2014-03-03 12:52, 正寻 wrote:
> We have add the command in our contab :
> rsync -aqzH --delete msync.centos.org::CentOS /path/to/my/local/mirror/root
> How can we do next ?
as you can see on the page Lucian provided, at the lower part is written 
to email the list with all characteristics. Such as:
Geographical Location (City, Country)? Protocols? Bandwidth 
(International/National)? How often do you sync? Sponsoring/Maintenance 
company/person? Hostname (URLs)?

Just mail them here properly and it'll be added in time.

Please make a new mail subject something like "New Mirror in China" so 
the appropriate person adding your server will see it easier.


Sven Wiese

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