[CentOS-mirror] [hostmaster update] ftp.linux.lg.ua => mirror.linux.lg.ua

Anton Sayetsky jason at linux.lg.ua
Mon Mar 24 14:34:12 UTC 2014


We're moving to new server. ftp.linux.lg.ua will be shut down soon.

New server params:
HTTP address: http://mirror.linux.lg.ua/centos/
rsync address: rsync://mirror.linux.lg.ua/nixmirror/centos/
versions, archs: all (I'm syncing whole msync::CentOS)
sync time: every 6 hours
connection speed: 10 Gbps
location - Ukraine, Lugansk
sponsoring organization - LDS (Luganskie Domashnie Seti), http://lds.ua

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