[CentOS-mirror] new mirror in Bulgaria

Radenko Grigorov

rgrigorov at uni-ruse.bg
Wed May 14 06:16:56 UTC 2014


I have setup new CentOS mirror in Bulgaria. Initial sync is done, 
script runs via cron every 4 hours  local time.
Here is the info:

Country: Bulgaria
City: Ruse
Protocols : HTTP , FTP , HTTPS , SPDY
IPv6 Support;YES
Bandwidth: 1000mbps
URL: http://mirrors.uni-ruse.bg/centos/
sponsoring organization - University of Ruse  http://www.uni-ruse.bg
contact email: rgrigorov at uni-ruse.bg

Best Regards,

Radenko Grigorov, rgrigorov at uni-ruse.bg
University of Ruse, Bulgaria

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