[CentOS-mirror] question about sources for centos on vault

Fri Nov 21 03:05:45 UTC 2014
Christian Lawrence <CLawrence at iwebgate.com>

Hello Everybody!

I understand that the source rpms for the latest centos releases are on vault.centos.org.  For CentOS 7, they are available underneath /centos/7.0.1406/, but also through the symlink at /centos/7/.  A similar situation exists for the latest CentOS 5 and CentOS 6 releases with their symlink targets pointing to /centos/5.11/ and /centos/6.5/, respectively.

No, that's not a typo on my part for CentOS 6 - the symlink is definitely currently pointing to the 6.5 release and not to the 6.6 release.

So why are both /centos/6.5/ and /centos/6.6/ present and /centos/6/ pointing to 6.5 ?  i.e.: Given that CentOS 6.6 was released on October 28, is this a temporary transitional activity currently in progress on vault, or human error whereby the switchover has been forgotten.

Sincerely yours,