[CentOS-mirror] IPV6

Tue Nov 18 14:24:11 UTC 2014
Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net>

6.11.2014, 18.15, sales at host-engine.com kirjoitti:
> Hello,
> i see in http://miuku.net/ipv6reach/ that i have mirrors that are not
> reachable from US, can you please provide me the US check ip to do a
> traceroute to it?

Hi, sorry, looks like I missed this message.

As of this writing, http://centos.chi.host-engine.com/ and 
http://centos.den.host-engine.com/ are unreachable from all four nodes, 
and http://centos.mia.host-engine.com/ is unreachable from the U.S. node.

centos.den.host-engine.com seems to have 15 IPv6 addresses listed, none 
of which are reachable. The reachability script tries all those IPv6 
addresses with a 20 second timeout. The script will thus spend 5 minutes 
checking that particular mirror, because it can't connect to any of 
those IPv6 addresses.

The reachability script only tries to fetch TIME from the mirror, but 
the full script which checks if mirrors are up-to-date will retrieve 
repomd.xml for all architectures, all repos and all versions, for all 
listed IPv6 addresses. When centos.den.host-engine.com is reachable 
again, this script will download all those files 15 times every time a 
full check is needed. This is not really a problem for me, but I think 
it's a bit wasteful.

The reason I check all the addresses is that I've ran into mirrors that 
have multiple IPv6 addresses, of which only some work. All the IPv6 
addresses listed in DNS for that mirror must work to get the mirror 
included on the IPv6 mirrorlist.

If you want to do traceroute6's, here are the IPv6 addresses (subject to 
FI: 2a01:51c0:1000:23:80:69:163:42
FR: 2001:4b98:dc0:41:216:3eff:fe69:46e3
UK: 2a02:2498:1:3d:5054:ff:feac:9450
US: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe69:9643

For other mirror admins reading this message: please check your mirror 
isn't listed as unreachable on http://miuku.net/ipv6reach/ , thank you.