[CentOS-mirror] Discrepencies between vault.centos.org http and rsync

Tue Nov 18 15:15:32 UTC 2014
LeaseWeb - Mirror Administrators <mirror at global.leaseweb.com>

On 18/11/14 13:24, "Fabian Arrotin" <arrfab at centos.org> wrote:

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>On 18/11/14 11:53, EURid Operations wrote:
>> Hello,
>> It seems there is a problem getting the official vault.centos.org
>> archive content on a mirror at the moment.
>> We are mirroring the CentOS Vault from kernel.org
>> (archive.kernel.org::centos), but the content is not in sync with
>> the http repository of vault.centos.org . I also checked the
>> Leaseweb mirror (mirror.leaseweb.net::centos-vault), and it's the
>> same there, not in sync.
>> The content that we in particular are looking for is CentOS 6.5
>> Regards,
>> Sven Meeus
>Hi Sven,
>Well, I don't know how kernel.org and/or leaseweb.net were mirroring
>vault content (reposync ? lftp script ?), but we don't even list
>thoses as a valid Vault servers.
>Have you read http://vault.centos.org/readme.txt ? it contains the
>info you're looking for (including some rsync targets from machines
>with high-speed connections)
>- -- 
>Fabian Arrotin

Hi Fabian,

We use rsync from archive.kernel.org for centos-vault on all LeaseWeb

Kind regards,

Hans Rakers
Senior Hosting Engineer
LeaseWeb Global Services B.V.