[CentOS-mirror] Update to America Online Mirror

Tue Oct 14 06:45:11 UTC 2014
Bryan Seitz <seitz at bsd-unix.net>

On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 07:09:44AM +0100, Lee Fuller wrote:
> Hey Fabian, can I throw a question here, there's nothing attached, just pure
> curiosity. You guys used to donate heaps of bandwidth to  Di.FM when it first
> started. Do you still sponsor streaming services with free transit? It amazed
> me that you were the silent partner carrying most of their packets completely
> FOC.
> Again, not starting any sort of streaming *anything* just never had the chance
> to ask someone from AOL that question.
> Kudos for sponsoring CentOS
> Lee Fuller


   FYI, Jacob is with AOL, Fabian is not :)  I would suspect this died with the
sale of  Winamp and Shoutcast to Radionomy.  I used to work in the Internet 
Access and Streaming Operations groups at AOL and yes it was very cool that we 
offered free bandwidth / streaming.  This was mostly due to AOL having plenty 
of spare bandwidth and their own backbone via ATDN.


Bryan G. Seitz