[CentOS-mirror] GloVine Additional Mirror

Sat Sep 20 02:14:27 UTC 2014
Daniel Watson <Daniel at glovine.com.au>

Gday List

I would like to announce our newest mirror

HTTP: http://centos.lax.us.glomirror.com.au
FTP: ftp://lax.us.glomirror.com.au/CentOS (if you provide ftp access)
RSYNC: rsync://lax.us.glomirror.com.au/CentOS(if you provide rsync access)

Sync schedule: Every 1 hrs
Bandwidth: Unlimited 1GBit
Location: LAX, CA
Sponsor: GloVine Pty Ltd
Sponsor URL: http://www.glovine.com.au
IP to authorize:
Email contact: mirrors at glovine.com.au

Daniel Watson
Network Administrator / Network Operations Manager

E Daniel at GloVine.com.au
W www.GloVine.com.au

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