[CentOS-mirror] Whitelist

Wed Apr 22 13:00:56 UTC 2015
Elides Tarrago <usmctarrago at gmail.com>

Good Morning Fabien,

I am a new mirror who started at the beginning of the week. However, when I
attempt to sync to eu-msync.centos.org I am getting the message back. Am I
properly whitelisted?

contact: usmctarrago at gmail.com

The command I use to sync my server is:
rsync -vaH --exclude-from=${EXCLUDES} --numeric-ids --delete --delete-after
--delay-updates rsync://eu-msync.centos.org /var/www/html/CentOS/

msync.CentOS.org rsync service (centosr5)

This service is intended for the sole use of the CentOS worldwide mirror
to synchronize mirrors.

Unless you are running or intending to run a listed public CentOS mirror
use a mirror listed at http://centos.org/download/mirrors

If you intend to populate a mirror for public use please read the
notes at http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreatePublicMirrors

If you do use this service then it is implied that you are providing a
mirror for public use and giving us authority to publicise such mirror.

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