[CentOS-mirror] GARR Mirror servers migration

Wed Dec 16 08:16:44 UTC 2015
Giovanni Marzulli <giovanni.marzulli at garr.it>

Dear CentOS Staff,

This is Giovanni Marzulli from Consortium GARR. I am writing to 
communicate you that we are re-organizing our Mirror server 
infrastructure. We are migrating these Mirror servers:

mirror1.mirror.garr.it (alias bo.mirror.garr.it) - hosted in Rome, IT
mirror2.mirror.garr.it (alias na.mirror.garr.it) - hosted in Rome, IT
mirror3.mirror.garr.it (alias mi.mirror.garr.it, rm.mirror.garr.it) - 
hosted in Milan, IT


*ba.mirror.garr.it* ( - hosted in Bari, IT

  * _HTTP__:_ http://ba.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/CentOS/
  * _FTP__:_ ftp://ba.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/CentOS/
  * _RSYNC__:_ ba.mirror.garr.it::CentOS

*ct.mirror.garr.it* ( - hosted in Catania, IT

  * _HTTP:_ http://ct.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/CentOS/
  * _FTP:_ ftp://ct.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/CentOS/
  * _RSYNC:_ ct.mirror.garr.it::CentOS

Both new servers have 10Gb/s of network bandwidth.

Currently, both old and new servers are up and active, but in order to 
complete migration and continue to mirror up-to-date CentOS ISO images 
and packages, we would be grateful if you add ba.mirror.garr.it and 
ct.mirror.garr.it in your IP whitelist. We will notify you when 
migration is over.

For any further information you could contact us at mirror-service at garr.it

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Giovanni Marzulli

Giovanni Marzulli
Consortium GARR
Sede operativa di Bari
Via Orabona, 4 70126 - Bari
Tel.: +39 080 544 2379

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