[CentOS-mirror] Some changed URLs

Tue Mar 3 17:09:31 UTC 2015
Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net>

Fabian: See also #centos-mirror. I posted this information also to the 
mailing list to retain a paper trail of the changes.

I noticed that some mirrors have changed their ftp and rsync URLs. Here 
are the apparent new ones:

old: ftp://mirror.nus.edu.sg/pub/centos/
new: ftp://mirror.nus.edu.sg/html/centos/

old: ftp://mirror.inode.at/data/centos/
new: ftp://mirror.inode.at/centos/

old: ftp://centos.mirror.transip.nl/Centos/
new: ftp://centos.mirror.transip.nl/centos/

old: ftp://ftp.mirror.ukhost4u.com/
new: ftp://ftp.mirror.ukhost4u.com/centos/

old: ftp://centos.mirror.crucial.com.au/
new: ftp://centos.mirror.crucial.com.au/centos/

old: ftp://mirrors.ucr.ac.cr/pub/centos/
new: ftp://mirrors.ucr.ac.cr/centos/

old: rsync://ftp.byfly.by/pub/CentOS/
new: rsync://ftp.byfly.by/CentOS/

old: rsync://mirror.crazynetwork.it/centos/
new: rsync://mirror.crazynetwork.it/CentOS/

old: rsync://ftp.pbone.net/pub/centos/
new: rsync://ftp.pbone.net/centos/

old: rsync://mirrors-ru.go-parts.com/centos/
new: rsync://mirrors-ru.go-parts.com/mirrors/centos/

old: rsync://centos.mirror.lstn.net/
new: rsync://centos.mirror.lstn.net/centos/

Sadly this does not mean that all the other ftp and rsync links would 
work. There were numerous "connection refused", "login incorrect", 
"connection timed out", "permission denied" etc errors, but I guess I'll 
save them for some other posting.