[CentOS-mirror] New mirror apply - China

Tue Mar 10 01:24:20 UTC 2015
opencas <admin at opencas.cn>

traceroute6 -q1 -A villisika.miuku.net
traceroute to villisika.miuku.net (2001:4b98:dc0:41:216:3eff:fe69:46e3), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets
1 2001:cc0:2004:1::1 (2001:cc0:2004:1::1) [*] 0.339 ms
2 2001:cc0:1fff::d (2001:cc0:1fff::d) [*] 0.567 ms !N

ping6 villisika.miuku.net
PING villisika.miuku.net(villisika.miuku.net) 56 data bytes
From 2001:cc0:1fff::d icmp_seq=1 Destination unreachable: No route
From 2001:cc0:1fff::d icmp_seq=2 Destination unreachable: No route
From 2001:cc0:1fff::d icmp_seq=3 Destination unreachable: No route
From 2001:cc0:1fff::d icmp_seq=4 Destination unreachable: No route

It seems our router has some problems. Thanks very much.
So how can I contact withnetwork admins at Gandi?
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Sender:Anssi Johanssoncentos at miuku.net
Recipient:centos-mirrorcentos-mirror at centos.org
Date:Tuesday, Mar 10, 2015 06:36
Subject:Re: [CentOS-mirror] New mirror apply - China

The problem is that your mirror is not reachable from the primary IPv6 checking node (in France). It does not respond to ping6 when pinged from that node, but it does work from some other networks in Finland and U.S. Here's a traceroute6 from the primary IPv6 mirror checking node: $ traceroute6 -q1 -A mirrors.opencas.cn traceroute to mirrors.opencas.cn (2001:cc0:2004:1:225:90ff:fe00:fe8b), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets 1 2001:4b98:dc0:41::248 (2001:4b98:dc0:41::248) [AS29169] 1.125 ms 2 p250-core1-d-ip6.paris.gandi.net (2001:4b98:1f::c1d1:237) [AS29169] 3.346 ms 3 2001:4b98:1f::c1c3:3 (2001:4b98:1f::c1c3:3) [AS29169] 3.430 ms 4 xe0-0-1-0-core1-lux-ip6.lux.gandi.net (2001:4b98:1f::c3b2:2) [AS29169] 10.767 ms 5 xe0-0-2-0-core1-lux-ip6.lux.gandi.net (2001:4b98:dc2:1f::c12:1) [AS29169] 10.593 ms 6 te0-0-2-3-core2-dc1-ip6.balt.gandi.net (2001:4b98:1f::cdba:2) [AS29169] 99.716 ms 7 2604:3400:dc1:12::57 (2604:3400:dc1:12::57) [AS29169] 99.774 ms 8 te-7-1.car2.Baltimore1.Level3.net (2001:1900:2100::2ae1) [AS3356] 99.287 ms 9 2001:1900:4:1::26d (2001:1900:4:1::26d) [AS3356] 99.675 ms 10 vl-4062.car2.Newark1.Level3.net (2001:1900:4:1::269) [AS3356] 103.014 ms 11 vl-4081.car1.Newark1.Level3.net (2001:1900:4:1::c5) [AS3356] 376.192 ms 12 2001:1900:4:1::ce (2001:1900:4:1::ce) [AS3356] 103.719 ms 13 2001:1900:19:5::6 (2001:1900:19:5::6) [AS3356] 103.754 ms 14 10gigabitethernet6.switch3.nyc4.he.net (2001:470:0:202::1) [AS6939] 86.829 ms 15 10ge10-3.core1.lax1.he.net (2001:470:0:10e::1) [AS6939] 147.922 ms 16 100ge9-1.core1.lax2.he.net (2001:470:0:72::2) [AS6939] 148.623 ms 17 * 18 2001:252:0:302::1 (2001:252:0:302::1) [*] 293.053 ms 19 2001:252:0:100::1 (2001:252:0:100::1) [*] 298.219 ms 20 2001:252:0:1::4 (2001:252:0:1::4) [*] 293.945 ms 21 2001:e18:10cc:101:102::1 (2001:e18:10cc:101:102::1) [*] 294.965 ms 22 * 23 * 24 * You can try a traceroute6 to the other direction, the hostname is villisika.miuku.net. If you need to contact someone regarding this problem on "my end", please discuss the issue directly with the network admins at Gandi. 9.3.2015, 15:54, opencas kirjoitti:  Our server support ipv6.   So please let ipv6 users see our server via http://mirrorlist.centos.org/   Now I see only ipv4 users in China can see our server.    Server ipv6 address is 2001:cc0:2004:1:225:90ff:fe00:fe8b   Thanks very much   -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1  On 05/03/15 09:42, opencas wrote:  HTTP:http://mirrors.opencas.cn/centos/ Sync schedule: Every 8 hrs  Bandwidth: 100Mbps Location: China Sponsor: Open Source Software  Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences Sponsor URL: http://www.opencas.org/ IP to authorize: Email  contact:admin at opencas.cn mailto:admin at opencas.cn   Thanks : it has been added to the mirrors DB and will normally be listed as a public mirror (and onhttp://mirror-status.centos.org http://mirror-status.centos.org/ /  http://centos.org/download/mirrors/ ) in the following minutes/hours. Your IP has been whitelisted (check that it's working in the following hour)  Kind Regards,  - --  Fabian Arrotin The CentOS Project |http://www.centos.org http://www.centos.org/ gpg key: 56BEC54E | twitter: @arrfab -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)  iEYEARECAAYFAlT9PGwACgkQnVkHo1a+xU4D4gCeNH54Y9hu/yhjtVv9FETzvn4+ BRUAn1aGNx1ZZ1X5oOx/WqfEpJhYBkNI =ZzVE -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----     _______________________________________________  CentOS-mirror mailing list  CentOS-mirror at centos.org  http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-mirror  _______________________________________________ CentOS-mirror mailing list CentOS-mirror at centos.org http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-mirror
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