[CentOS-mirror] Please add a new mirror

Tue May 12 12:30:32 UTC 2015
Szymon Sokół <szymon at agh.edu.pl>

On Tue, 12 May 2015, Ahmad 'dionipe' Rifai wrote:

> Hello
> Perhaps the correct URL is http://ftp.agh.edu.pl/centos
> <http://ftp.agh.edu.pl/pub/centos>

Sorry, my mistake. Indeed, it should be:

HTTP: http://ftp.agh.edu.pl/centos
FTP: ftp://ftp.agh.edu.pl/centos
Sync schedule: Every 12 h
Bandwidth: 1 Gb/s
Location: PL
Sponsor: AGH University of Science and Technology
Sponsor URL: http://www.agh.edu.pl
IP to authorize:
Email contact: hostmaster at agh.edu.pl

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