[CentOS-mirror] new public mirror (Paris, France)

Mon May 18 07:40:38 UTC 2015
Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net>

18.5.2015, 9.48, Laurent Wandrebeck kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> Me again.
> IPV6 looks stable now, but ip has changed, please allow
> 2001:bc8:34ba:100::1 instead of 2001:bc8:34ba::1
> Server is ready to take the load, I’ll switch off the older one very soon.
> URL will stay the same.

Hi, none of the msync.centos.org nodes have an IPv6 address, so syncing 
will be done only over IPv4 for now. Therefore changes in the server's 
IPv6 address don't matter at this stage.

If you want to make your mirror available to those using IPv6, you 
should configure your web server to listen on the IPv6 address as well, 
and add the relevant AAAA record to DNS for your mirror. If you do this, 
there is no need to notify the list of these changes, because the IPv6 
mirror checker will pick up such changes automatically.