[CentOS-mirror] CentOS FTP and rsync URLs, take two

Sun Nov 1 11:52:34 UTC 2015
Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net>

TL;DR: Check if your mirror is listed on 


Hi, it's me again. I wrote back in March that many FTP and rsync mirror 
URLs had various problems, but that I'd save those for some later 
posting. Now might be a good time to get those taken care of.

Looks like some mirrors have changed their paths for CentOS content:

old: ftp://mirror.millry.co/CentOS/
new: ftp://mirror.millry.co/

old: ftp://mirror.nsw.au.glovine.com.au/CentOS/
new: ftp://mirror.nsw.au.glovine.com.au/centos/

old: ftp://mirror.thelinuxfix.com/CentOS/
new: ftp://mirror.thelinuxfix.com/centos/

old: ftp://mirror.vcu.edu/pub/gnu+linux/centos/
new: ftp://mirror.vcu.edu/pub/gnu_linux/centos/

old: rsync://centos.mirrors.atwab.net/shares/
new: rsync://centos.mirrors.atwab.net/centos/

old: rsync://centosmirror.go4hosting.in/centos/
new: rsync://centosmirror.go4hosting.in/out/

old: ftp://mirror.denit.net/centos/
new: ftp://mirror.denit.net/

In addition to these, I found a number of cases where the mirror's ftp 
or rsync port was unreachable. I emailed some of those mirror admins 
(those whose email address I was able to find easily) and some of those 
problems got cleared. Thanks to everyone who fixed things :)

The admin of mirrors.hustunique.com said that the mirror should be 
removed from the mirrorlist due to problems with their campus network. 
Note that http://mirrors.hustunique.com/centos/ has been a redirect to 
some other mirror for a long time now, so having mirrors.hustunique.com 
listed serves no useful purpose at the moment.

ftp://mirrors.gigenet.com/centos/ and 
rsync://mirrors.gigenet.com/centos/ should be removed. Their support 
said they only support HTTP at the moment.

ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/centos/ is no longer accessible. In a 
previous communication I had with them they said they're phasing out FTP 
support, and now it looks like it's gone.

rsync://centos-distro.cavecreek.net/CentOS/ points to 
centoss7.centos.org, and the CentOS rsync module is not accessible. 
Perhaps this rsync entry should be removed from the public mirrorlist.

For various reasons (ftp/rsync port not listening or firewalled away, 
login incorrect, path not found etc), the following FTP and rsync URLs 
are still inaccessible: 

The script checks each inaccessible mirror URL three times per day, and 
if an URL works, it is removed from the list of URLs to be checked. The 
script has been running for two weeks now. Therefore the listed URLs 
have been inaccessible for at least two weeks.

If your mirror is listed, please fix the problem and wait 8 hours to see 
if it disappears from the list. If it disappears from the list, 
everything's fine and you don't need to email anyone that you've fixed 
it. If you change the URL where the CentOS content is stored, please 
send an email to this mailing list. I can't make changes to the list of 
mirrors myself. Please also make sure your mirror is accessible from 
outside your network. Firewall problems seem to be common.

If you have questions about the testing procedure, feel free to contact me.

If those URLs stay inaccesible for an extended period of time, I would 
suggest removing those URLs from the list of CentOS mirrors,