[CentOS-mirror] Availability of 'altarch' on mirrors ?

Wed Oct 14 11:47:38 UTC 2015
Jarek Polok <Jaroslaw.Polok at cern.ch>

Hi Karanbir !

On 10/14/2015 10:28 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hi Jarek,
> On 14/10/15 07:05, Jarek Polok wrote:
>> PS: .. the location of that is little bit confusing ...
>>      seems that all other SIGs products are to be found
>>      under releasenumber/signame/ ... why altarch is
>>      available in completely separate tree ? ....
> Within a couple of months, we are going to have quite a bit of content
> under altarch as the armv7 / power( many of them)/ aarch64 / i386 tree's
> expand. We didnt think every rsync mirror would want to host those extra
> 100+GB given that we don't expect a huge user-base in the early months.
> Its likely ( and we hope ) the user-base expands, but we didnt want all
> hundreds of mirrors to suddenly inherit a huge payload.

I understand this concern but since all official mirror owners are
on this mailing list perhaps it would be sufficient to inform everybody
about it few weeks/months in advance ? (and update howto at 
https://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreatePublicMirrors accordingly..)

(also: isn't RH going to release 7.X for aarch64 in the future ? ..
in that case would CentOS 7 for aarch64 be in same place as x86_64 or
in altarch ?)

> The plan is to open rsync for these targets as wide as possible, to
> allow anyone wanting to opt into these to grab it from us. In the mean
> time we still need to workout how mirrorlist.centos.org is going to
> handle these, and how other SIGs are able to consume and extend this
> content.

Ok, so for now the only way to mirror the i686 altarch tree
is to get it over http at: http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/ ?

(we are using these 32bit packages in our internal build
system, so far we mirror from buildlogs.centos.org ..
which is not very practical ..)

Thanks !

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