[CentOS-mirror] Mirror-change: ftp.uninett.no

Lars Strand lars.strand at gnist.org
Sat Sep 12 16:05:04 UTC 2015


I'm part of the sysadmin-tema responsible for the Norwegian ftp-server 
ftp.uninett.no (/ftp.uio.no). We're now in the process of migrating the 
old server to new hardware. We have been a public CentOS mirror for years.

Updated info:

HTTP: http://ftp.uninett.no/centos/
FTP: ftp://ftp.uninett.no/centos
RSYNC: rsync://ftp.uninett.no/centos

Sync schedule: Every 12 hrs
Bandwidth: 2 Gbits/s
Location: Norway (Oslo)
Sponsor: University of Oslo and UNINETT
Sponsor URL: http://www.uio.no/english/ and https://www.uninett.no/en
IP to authorize: <-- this is new
Email contact: larstra at ifi.uio.no

I'm syncing from target msync-dvd.centos.org::CentOS-incdvd

Best regards,

Lars Strand

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