[CentOS-mirror] Authorization Request for rsync

Anssi Johansson centos at miuku.net
Tue Sep 22 12:51:05 UTC 2015

22.9.2015, 15.43, Marcel Jaepel kirjoitti:
> There are no IP restrictions for normal distribution repositories. Your checkcentosmirror_v4.pl didn't show any useful error information. Could you please try a failed url with curl/wget and give us the http status code?

I did not get an HTTP error code at all:

$ curl http://mirror.plusserver.com/centos/TIME
curl: (7) Failed connect to mirror.plusserver.com:80; Connection refused

When I tried it a little bit later, I got what I expected:
$ curl http://mirror.plusserver.com/centos/TIME

This probably means that you won't see any errors in your web server 
logs. If you want to grep your firewall logs for my IP address, it's

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