[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror in Nigeria. First in West Africa!

Fri Aug 26 12:57:50 UTC 2016
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

On 26/08/16 14:40, admin at mirror.ng wrote:
> Hello Fabian,
> Thanks a lot.
> South Africa won't work for Nigeria as a nearby country.
> Yes, the path to SA is shorter but over 95% of traffic intended for SA
> from Nigeria flow to the UK before travelling back down to South Africa.
> Latency to the UK: ~99ms
> Latency to SA over direct path: ~80ms
> Latency to SA via the UK: ~235ms
> So, the UK is still better as the "nearby country" to Nigeria, for now.
> Oluniyi
> https://www.web4africa.net

Thanks a lot for your feedback/comments.
Adding UK as a "nearby" country would still look a little bit strange,
but if that's how the peering would work to reach other African
countries, it would make sense.
No real country nearby that would have a "direct" (or at least less hops
that going to uk and back) link ?

Fabian Arrotin
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