[CentOS-mirror] NEW MIRROR

abdulaziz.alahmad at glesys.se

abdulaziz.alahmad at glesys.se
Tue Dec 6 07:05:55 UTC 2016

We have set up a new mirror for CentOS here in (Falkenberg Sweden).
This is all the info you need.
HTTP:         http://mirrors.glesys.net/CentOS
FTP:           ftp://mirrors.glesys.net/CentOS
RSYNC:       rsync://mirrors.glesys.net/CentOS
Sync frequency: 4 times/day (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00)

bandwidth :   500 Mbps
Sponsor organization: GleSYS Internet Services AB   https://glesys.se/ (https://glesys.se/)
Best regards
Abdulaziz, Internet Engineer - support at glesys.se - http://glesys.se/ (http://glesys.se/)
GleSYS Internet Services AB | Västberga Allé 60 | 126 30 Stockholm
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