[CentOS-mirror] New mirror

Sat Feb 13 07:56:25 UTC 2016
pdostal <ftp at sh.cvut.cz>

Hello everyone

I'd like to announce that we've new CentOS mirror in Prague, Czech Republic

HTTP: https://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/centos/
FTP: ftp://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/centos/
RSYNC: rsync://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/centos

Sync schedule: Every hour
Bandwidth: 1000 Mbps
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Sponsor: Silicon Hill
Sponsor URL: http://www.siliconhill.cz
IP to authorize: 2001:718:2:0:222:19ff:fe84:77ff,
Email contact: ftp at sh.cvut.cz
Mirroring AltArch: No

Best regards
Pavel Dostál
UID: 28122