[CentOS-mirror] [NYU ITS ESYS #5521] New Mirror

Fri Feb 19 02:35:56 UTC 2016
ITS Linux SysAdmins <its.linux at nyu.edu>

Subject: [CentOS-mirror] New Mirror


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We've setup a mirror as follows:

HTTP: http://centos-distro.1gservers.com
FTP: ftp://centos-distro.1gservers.com
RSYNC: rsync://centos-distro.1gservers.com

Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs
Bandwidth: 1gbps
Location: US : Arizona
Sponsor: 1GServers
Sponsor URL: http://www.1gservers.com
IP to authorize:
Email contact: brandonwade at 1gservers.com
Mirroring AltArch  : No

Best regards,
Brandon Wade
1GServers, LLC - http://www.1gservers.com
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