[CentOS-mirror] New Centos Mirror

Fri Feb 26 18:57:02 UTC 2016
Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net>

24.2.2016, 21.46, Nadir M. Aliyev kirjoitti:
> Dear All,
> Now mirror available from IPv6 network also! (http & ftp)
> Please update mirror details.
> HTTP: http://mirror.bakinter.net/CentOS/  (IPv4 & IPv6)
> FTP: ftp://mirror.bakinter.net/CentOS/ (IPv4 & IPv6)

Hi, I'm afraid there are some problems with FTP:

$ telnet mirror.bakinter.net ftp
Trying 2a04:48c0::17...
telnet: connect to address 2a04:48c0::17: Permission denied

Perhaps some sort of a firewall problem? http works fine.

http://miuku.net/ipv6reach/ acts as a status page for IPv6-capable 
CentOS mirrors. Sadly you are not alone -- there are some 36 other ftp 
sites that are globally unreachable.

On the positive side of things, there are already some 200 IPv6-capable 
up-to-date CentOS mirrors out there. Thanks for being one of those :)