[CentOS-mirror] New Centos mirror in Mexico.

Sat Jan 16 23:50:53 UTC 2016
Marco Galicia <galprasmarco at gmail.com>

Hi i have setted up a new centos mirror in Mexico. Can you add it to the
allow list so i can start syncing directly, and also i have suscribed to
the mailing list, can you add me? Here is the mirror info:

HTTP: http://centos.jellyfish.lol/
RSYNC: rsync://centos.jellyfish.lol/centos/
Sync schedule: Every hour.
Bandwidth: 1 Gigabit per second.
Location: Mexico
Sponsor: Jellyfish foundation.
Sponsor URL jellyfish.lol
IP to authorize:
ipv6: 2607:f0d0:1c01:88::2
Email contact: galprasmarco at gmail.com
Mirroring AltArch  : no



Marco Galicia.
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