[CentOS-mirror] A rant

Mon Jan 25 17:20:48 UTC 2016
Dattatec Mirrors <mirrors at dattatec.com>

El Lunes 25/01/2016, Valeri Galtsev escribió:
> On Mon, January 25, 2016 8:36 am, Dattatec Mirrors wrote:
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> >> 2) If you decide against 1), at least INFORM the senders that their
> >> messages are filtered out. In the past week I thought I was being
> >> ignored, as I did not receive such mails. This obviously is not a
> >> feeling you want to nurture in admins supporting your project.
> >
> > Agreed, but are you sure the bounces weren't being filtered on your side?
> > (A few minutes ago I sent a mail from a gmail address, still no bounce
> > received).
> I would disagree here. Basically, it is on subscriber's side to find out
> that the way you handle your mail and subscriptions to mail lists works.
> Doing it differently will make centos mail list a source of "backscatter".
> Those who maintain mail servers know whet it is. In a nut shell, someone
> sends message forging From and making this from look as it is from me.
> Message can not be sent forth, then the notification about that is sent to
> me. To me, who has nothing to do with sending original message. This
> "backscatter" is one of the spammers tactics. This is why "notification"
> that the message can not be posted to mail list jeopardizes mail list
> server.

Good point!

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> Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with CentOS, so what I considered
> unreasonable on your side, may be quite acceptable for CentOS. Mine is
> just a point of view of "external observer" ;-)

Ditto here :)

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