[CentOS-mirror] discussion about ipv6 availability for msync.centos.org

Tue May 17 19:14:58 UTC 2016
Iliyan Iliev <iliyani at uni-sofia.bg>

Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski

Loadbalancer and rsync client Public IPv6 address: 2001:67c:20d0::38  

host 2001:67c:20d0::38 domain name pointer centos.uni-sofia.bg.

Also the official List of CentOS Mirrors page no provide quick information about IP version like IP4, IP4+6, only IP6.

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On 17.05.2016 11:04, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> Just a status update about ipv6 for msync.centos.org
> As of today, we now have 30 nodes (out of 69) having ipv6 connectivity
> on the nodes behind msync.centos.org
> Instead of just advertising the AAAA record for msync I'd like to
> implement it through a specific record (maybe like msync-v6.centos.org)
> The reason  is that if you have ipv6 and that we don't have your ipv6
> address in the whitelist, I'm afraid that rsync will try over ipv6
> directly, and so would be blocked as long as we don't have the proper
> ACL in place for ipv6 mirrors
> So the idea would be to have something like
> msync-v6.centos.org::CentOS-v6, and ask you to provide us the ipv6
> address for your mirror (we can already do that in advance if you
> advertise AAAA record on your side for your mirror) and so it would be
> an "opt-in" thing (at least as a start)
> Then, we can decide to merge the ACLs and also have AAAA record for
> msync , after enough people will have confirmed that everything works.
> Ideas, comments, suggestions ?

I think this is a reasonable way to do that, hence rsync provides a
"-4/-6" option to let you choose which internet protocol to prefer.

IMHO it is safer to have a separate v6 DNS. But this is only because
there is access authorization done on IP level, in other cases I would
strongly encourage to have A and AAAA records for the same name.

"msync-v6.centos.org::CentOS" sounds more semtantic to me.

Please include me in the test phase.
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