[CentOS-mirror] New centos Mirror - WEBKUR

Sun Sep 25 18:57:07 UTC 2016
Mustafa Goztepe <mg at webkur.com.tr>

rsync successfull. Control please. http://mirror.webkur.net/centos/
thank you

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Gönderilenler: 25 Eylül Pazar 2016 9:58:26
Konu: Re: [CentOS-mirror] New centos Mirror - WEBKUR

25.9.2016, 3.46, Mustafa Goztepe kirjoitti:
> Also you add the following repositories?
> HTTP: http://mirror.webkur.net/centos/
> FTP: No
> Sync schedule: Every hour
> Bandwidth: 1G
> Location: Turkey
> Sponsor: WEBKUR
> Sponsor URL: http://www.webkur.com.tr
> IPv4 address to authorize:
> Email contact: mg at webkur.com.tr

Although the mirror seems mostly complete, all the "repodata" 
directories seem to be absent, thus making this mirror unusable for yum. 
Please make sure you are not excluding any content when you rsync.

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