[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror

Sun Apr 9 20:48:40 UTC 2017
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

9.4.2017, 23.07, Butler, Sean kirjoitti:
> Hello,
> Please add the following mirror to the public list, No RSYNC or FTP at
> this time:
> HTTP: http://mirror.dallas-tx.riverfrontnetworks.com/CentOS/
> Sync schedule: Every 4 hrs
> Bandwidth: 1 Gbps
> Location: Dallas, Texas
> Sponsor: Riverfront Networks
> Sponsor URL: http://www.riverfrontnetworks.com/
> IPv4 address to authorize:
> IPv6 address to authorize: 2620:11F:7003:4::2
> Email contact: sbutler at riverfrontnetworks.com

Thanks, this has now been added.

While we're at this, I would like to inquire about the status of 
http://mirror.riverfrontnetworks.com/CentOS/ which is currently listed 
as an unreachable mirror located in Michigan. Should that mirror be 
revived, moved to some other URL or disabled entirely?