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Thu Apr 13 20:13:48 UTC 2017
Sascha Spreitzer <sspreitz at redhat.com>


I believe i start to understand the whois output;
AS51852 is registered with a company in Panama City, which makes no
statement about where physically the IPs are present.
Wondering though if there is a single source of truth about where IPs
are physically present. Maxmind imho is a private company that collects
IP geo data, but there is no guarantee the data is correct?

Thanks and kind regards

On 13.04.2017 20:56, Dattatec Mirrors wrote:
> Weird, Maxmind shows Switzerland:
> $ geoiplookup
> GeoIP Country Edition: CH, Switzerland
> GeoIP ASNum Edition: AS51852 Private Layer INC
> $ geoiplookup6 2a02:29b8:abcd:3717::2
> GeoIP Country V6 Edition: CH, Switzerland
> GeoIP ASNum V6 Edition: AS51852 Private Layer INC
> And at least is from LACNIC (we have a /20 from it), maybe they 
> reallocated that /18 to Switzerland?

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