[CentOS-mirror] Problems with outdated mirrors

Thu Dec 7 11:41:18 UTC 2017
Diego Santa Cruz <Diego.SantaCruz at spinetix.com>


I have been experiencing problems with outdated mirrors. From the mirrorlist we get in Switzerland, one has not been updated in several days but is picked up very often as the source because it has very good connectivity to our place. This means I am not getting any of the recent security updates, which is a problem.

What is the policy for kicking out mirrors from the list returned by http://mirrorlist.centos.org/ ?

The problematic mirror in question is mirror.yannic-bonenberger.com which has the repodata from Nov 28 and according to http://mirror-status.centos.org/ it is old by 4.4 days and very often is.

I would like to avoid having to switch to using mirror.centos.org instead of the mirrorlist to be able to get timely updates.


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