[CentOS-mirror] Mirror URL changing

Wed Dec 27 06:18:46 UTC 2017
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

mirrors at colocall.net kirjoitti 22.12.2017 klo 17.22:
> Hello,
> we are Colocall Internet Data Center (Europe, Ukraine) hosting one of CentOS mirrors.
> This is the letter to inform you that we are moving the mirror to another server,
> so the URL for both HTTP and FTP access is changing from
>      http://ftp.colocall.net/pub/centos/
>      ftp://ftp.colocall.net/pub/centos/
> to
>      ftp://centos.colocall.net/
>      ftp://centos.colocall.net/centos/
> respectively.
> Please update our URLs in the mirror lists.
> P.S. Mirrors on old URLs are still up to date and will stay accessible for
> about a month or so, than eventually deleted.

Hi, these URLs have now been changed (with some adjustment re ftp/http). 
There will be some traffic to the old URLs for some time, but the 
traffic should eventually die down.