[CentOS-mirror] Update mirror

Mon Feb 13 00:43:38 UTC 2017
Levi Pihema-Lindsay <levi at 2prointl.co>

Hey Anssi,

You appear to have added the NZ mirror FTP as the main FTP for the US server.

Would you mind correcting that?

As a side note, we do now have a mirror in NZ (which is nz.centos.mirrors.my2pro.com), so it would be nice to be that added additionally


Levi Pihema-Lindsay
2Pro International Limited
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> On 13/02/2017, at 1:20 PM, Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net> wrote:
> 12.2.2017, 21.20, Levi Pihema-Lindsay kirjoitti:
>> Hey,
>> I've noticed our first mirror (centos.mirrors.my2pro.com
>> <http://centos.mirrors.my2pro.com>) hasn't been updated properly.
>> Can we get it updated to:
>> Location: Missouri, US
>> HTTP: yes
>> FTP: yes
>> RSYNC: no
> Sure, updated now. Changes should be visible on the list shortly.
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