[CentOS-mirror] Add Public Mirror

Tue Feb 14 09:11:05 UTC 2017
Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net>

13.2.2017, 15.14, Fernando García kirjoitti:
> Hello, thanks for the answer
> Yes, that's where we get our ip addresses. As you will see in the following
> link, they are located in Spain and direct connection in Spain.
> https://apps.db.ripe.net/search/query.html?searchtext=

I'm afraid that does not prove much. That RIPE entry only tells which 
organization is responsible for the IP addresses, and where that 
organization is located.

I have a virtual server in France (Gandi), and ping times for your IP 
address is around 5ms. Ping times to other Spanish CentOS mirrors vary, 
but the minimum seemed to be 25ms.

Here's a traceroute from Gandi:

$ traceroute mirror.neify.es -q1
traceroute to mirror.neify.es (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
  1 (  0.480 ms
  2  xe0-0-1-2-core3-d.paris.gandi.net (  2.828 ms
  3  *
  4  be10-1180.rbx-g1-a9.fr.eu (  4.581 ms
  5  vl21.rbx-g1-a75.fr.eu (  4.122 ms
  6  rbx-g5-a9.fr.eu (  5.202 ms
  7 (  9.263 ms

In effect, this means your mirror server is actually in France even if 
the controlling organization is in Spain.

We can still list your mirror, but it should be listed as being in 
France as opposed to being in Spain. The purpose of the list of mirrors 
is not to specify where the controlling organization is, but where the 
actual mirror server is located. This is to reduce the amount of 
international data transfer and to give the fastest results for CentOS 
users. It does not make sense to make Spanish users use a mirror located 
in France, if mirrors located in Spain are also available.

Please let us know if you have opposing views about this, otherwise we'd 
prefer to change the listed country of your mirror to France.