[CentOS-mirror] Update to mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk

Thu Feb 16 10:40:36 UTC 2017
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

On 15/02/17 22:42, Freethought Internet wrote:
> Good evening,
> We have updated our mirror at mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk
> <http://mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk> to now also mirror altarch in
> addition to the main CentOS repository. Please can the mirror list be
> updated. The details for the new altarch mirror are as follows,
> HTTP: http://mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk/centos-altarch
> HTTPS: https://mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk/centos-altarch
> FTP: ftp://mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk/centos-altarch
> RSYNC: rsync://mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk/centos-altarch
> Thank you,
> Kieran Jones 
> Freethought Internet 

Thanks, we're working with Anssi to get add all those AltArch mirrors in
the DB and so be also displayed on https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors

Fabian Arrotin
The CentOS Project | http://www.centos.org
gpg key: 56BEC54E | twitter: @arrfab

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