[CentOS-mirror] New mirror IP address mirror.netrouting.net

Thu Mar 9 10:58:02 UTC 2017
Jim Klapwijk <jim.klapwijk at netrouting.net>


We have migrated to a new (much stronger) server.
This one has a new IP address as well, could you please change this so 
we can mirror directly from CentOS?
The new IPv4 address is ""
We also support IPv6 now: "2a00:dd0:0:71:862b:2bff:fe68:8e6e"
Also we offer rsync as well. Could you add this to the list as well:  
And our FTP address to: "ftp://mirror.netrouting.net/centos"

We have also changed the sync schedule to every 6 hours.
Also the new contact e-mail address is "mirror at netrouting.net".

Thanks a lot!


Best Regards,
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