[CentOS-mirror] ACL migration a.k.a. Unknown module 'CentOS' errors

Thu Mar 2 07:56:13 UTC 2017
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

2.3.2017, 5.56, Dewangga Alam kirjoitti:
> Hello Anssi,
> Thanks for your notification, yes, got error since 24 hours ago, but now
> should be fixed.
> I've check your "ipv6reach" page, but got FAIL status on this line
> rsync://    sumberterbuka.beritagar.id/CentOS/        FAIL    FAIL
> ok    FAIL    ok
> Could you give us some traceroute or IPv6 prefix information?
> So, I can track why the status is failed.

Looks like the problem is gone now. Note that rsync URLs are checked 
only once per day, unlike http and ftp URLs, so it may take longer for 
them to disappear once a problem has been fixed.

> And if you need another IPv6 checker for national exchange in Indonesia,
> you can contact me off list.

Thanks, much appreciated. I'll send you a separate email regarding this.