[CentOS-mirror] Looking for a machine readable full mirror list.

Fri Mar 24 14:18:02 UTC 2017
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

24.3.2017, 16.09, Eliezer  Croitoru kirjoitti:
> Hey List,
> I am writing a script for a local proxy and I want to add the full list of
> mirrors into the proxy allowed acls.
> Is there a machine readable list of all hosts and url's of all public
> mirrors?
> The other option I had in mind is parsing the table at:
> http://mirror-status.centos.org

If you have a look at how https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/ is 
generated, you will notice that it will fetch the data from 

But I'm not sure if that's a good approach, because that list may change 
every now and then. If I were you, I would set up a local mirror using 
rsync from some external mirror, and point the local machines using 
CentOS to that mirror. That would save bandwidth, and save you from 
maintaining that ACL (even if it's automated).