[CentOS-mirror] us-msync.centos.org::CentOS -- Unknown module

Sat Mar 25 18:09:46 UTC 2017
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

25.3.2017, 18.10, Greg Sims kirjoitti:
> We recently added IPv6 Support to our server and requested that you add
> our IPv6 to the database for Rsync.  The was accomplished on Mar 22.
> We has been having trouble updating our mirror since this time.  It
> worked for a period of time and now it stopped. I understand there may
> be some propagation time for our IPv6 to reach all of your servers.
> After three days, I feel this should be complete.
> [snip]
> Please notice the ERROR towards the bottom.  We have not make any other
> changes but to start using IPv6.  Please check our authorizations for:
> IPv4:,
> IPv6: 2607:f0d0:1103:120::2

The current system we're using is faster -- any changes done to the 
master ACL should propagate to all msync nodes in half an hour max.

The error is indeed related to ACL. One source of problems might be the 
2nd IPv4 address you mentioned here, As that was not 
mentioned in your previous email, my assumption was that this address 
was no longer in use, so I dropped it. This may have been an incorrect 
assumption, my apologies for that. In addition, if my memory serves me 
correctly, the previous entry was actually, ie. it 
allowed the entire subnet.

In any case, I have now re-added, in case that helps. 
All the three IP addresses you mentioned are now allowed. You can also 
play with rsync's -4 and -6 options to make rsync prefer IPv4 or IPv6, 

One common problem is that on servers with multiple addresses, the IP 
address that gets used might not always be what people expect. For that, 
I usually recommend people to try "curl ip.miuku.net", "curl 
ipv4.miuku.net", "curl ipv6.miuku.net", which shows the local IP 
address, unless proxies are involved.

At this stage I'm fairly certain that those three IP addresses should be 
allowed to rsync. If you continue having problems, the most probable 
reason is that the msync.c.o see some other IP address than those 
listed, for one reason or another. If you can dig a bit more, that would 
be much appreciated.