[CentOS-mirror] IP address change for CentOS mirror at mirror.nextlayer.at

Tue May 16 14:19:09 UTC 2017
Andres Ofner <andres.ofner at nextlayer.at>



The source IP for the CentOS mirror at mirror.nextlayer.at will soon change
from / 2a01:190:1764:15b::5 (mirror.nextlayer.at) to / 2a01:190:1600:203::117 (temporarily named
mirror2.nextlayer.at, but will be changed).


Please add the new IPs to the whitelist (we are currently using rsync -4 but
are open to using IPv6) so we can migrate the rsync job to the new host,



For sake of completeness, here again our full information (after the


HTTP: http://mirror.nextlayer.at/centos/




Sync schedule: Every 6 hours

Bandwidth: 10 Gbps

Location: Vienna, Austria

Sponsor: next layer GmbH

Sponsor URL: http://www.nextlayer.at/

IPv4 address to authorize:

IPv6 address to authorize: 2a01:190:1600:203::117

Email contact: systems at nextlayer.at

Mirroring AltArch: no




Thanks, Andres


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