[CentOS-mirror] IP address for centos.quelquesmots.fr

Mon Nov 20 12:51:53 UTC 2017
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Laurent Wandrebeck kirjoitti 20.11.2017 klo 13.35:
> Hi,
> I will in the following days/weeks move my CentOS mirror to another
> server (same DC).
> Could you please add to whitelist so I can keep it up do
> date until it can take over the previous one ? I’m right now syncing
> from my mirror to the future one to lighten up a bit load on CentOS
> sync serveurs.
> Hardware remains mostly the same. BW will go up to 1gbps.

Hi, I've added to the list, and set the old IPv4 address 
to expire in February 2018. Note that we also had an IPv6 address listed 
for your mirror in the ACL. If the IPv6 address also changes, you will 
need to either tell us the new IPv6 address, or use -4 with rsync to use 
IPv4 for rsyncing.

Yes, when moving mirrors to new servers, it is indeed preferred to use 
either your own old server or some other up-to-date external mirror as a 
source when setting up the new mirror server.