[CentOS-mirror] IP address for centos.quelquesmots.fr

Wed Nov 29 14:47:49 UTC 2017
Laurent Wandrebeck <l.wandrebeck at quelquesmots.fr>

Le mercredi 29 novembre 2017 à 16:43 +0200, Anssi Johansson a écrit :


> Thanks, the IP address information has now been updated, and the
> altarch 
> HTTP link has been added.
> You may want to comment out the directives in 
> /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome.conf to prevent a "Testing 123" page from 
> showing up when people access http://centos.quelquesmots.fr/ or 
> http://centosaltarch.quelquesmots.fr/

conf updated, httpd reloaded.

Laurent Wandrebeck <l.wandrebeck at quelquesmots.fr>