[CentOS-mirror] New Centos-Mirror in NCHC, Taiwan

Mon Apr 16 10:53:56 UTC 2018
Ceasar Sun <ceasar at nchc.org.tw>

Dear all,

We are pleased to be able to provide the CentOS mirror service form NCHC , Chinchu , Taiwan.
The detail info  

HTTP: http://free.nchc.org.tw/centos
FTP: ftp://free.nchc.org.tw/centos/

Sync schedule: Every 12 hrs
Bandwidth: 10Gb/s
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Sponsor: NCHC
Sponsor URL:https://www.nchc.org.tw/
IPv4 address to authorize:
IPv6 address to authorize: 2001:e10:3c00:8::e274/64
Email contact: fslab at nchc.org.tw
Mirroring AltArch  : no

	Ceasar Sun


Chen-Kai Sun (Ceasar)
National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan
PGP Key: 4096R/6768B31F (ceasar.sun at gmail.com;ceasar at nchc.org.tw )
Fingerprint: D20D 8A19 58BE 95B2 20DF  60F2 A658 0CE9 6768 B31F

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