[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS mirror

Wed Apr 18 17:23:31 UTC 2018
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Srdjan Popovic kirjoitti 11.4.2018 klo 12.08:
> Dear all,
> We are pleased to be able to provide public mirror services for CentOS 
> project at School of Electrical Engineering's Computing Centre in 
> Belgrade, Serbia.
> Initial sync is done and cron job set up with locking so all should be 
> well. We have been using it as our private mirror for a short testing 
> period.
> HTTP: http://mirror.etf.bg.ac.rs/centos/
> RSYNC: rsync://mirror.etf.bg.ac.rs/centos/
> Sync schedule: Every 6h
> Bandwidth: 1 Gb/s
> Location: Belgrade, Serbia
> Sponsor: School of Electrical Engineering's Computing Centre
> Sponsor URL: www.etf.bg.ac.rs/en
> IPv4 address to authorize:
> IPv6 address to authorize: x
> Email contact: srdjan.popovic at etf.bg.ac.rs
> Mirroring AltArch  : no
> Sincerely,

Thanks, this mirror has now been added and you can now switch to 
rsyncing from rsync://eu-msync.centos.org/CentOS/