[CentOS-mirror] Changes to kernel.org mirrors

Wed Apr 18 19:42:29 UTC 2018
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Konstantin Ryabitsev kirjoitti 11.4.2018 klo 17.10:
> Hello:
> We have added a new set of servers *.edge.kernel.org (hosted by
> packet.net) that offer much faster network speeds than our current
> mirrors. We would like to keep existing mirrors (mirrors.sfo.kernel.org
> and mirrors.pdx.kernel.org) but remove http traffic from them, e.g. such
> as coming from yum, and leave them only providing rsync tier-1 access.
> Hopefully, that's not too complicated on your end.
> Could you please remove http services from mirrors.*.kernel.org systems
> but leave their whitelisted IP for rsync, and add the following three
> new servers, so we can pull directly from your master instead of using
> downstream mirrors: [snip]

The three new mirrors have now been added, thanks. We don't currently 
support https for mirrors, so I used http instead.

While we have a few mirrors that only offer FTP, we don't currently have 
any that would only offer rsync. Our current mirror checking scripts 
only support http and ftp, and if a mirror can't be checked, it won't be 
listed on https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/ . Therefore removing 
the http URL is a bit problematic.

What I did was that I set a few bits in our mirror database that should 
prevent your mirror from getting listed in mirrorlist.centos.org output, 
thus significantly reducing http traffic to your mirror. The http URL is 
still listed on the download page, but unless someone manually 
configures their CentOS system to use mirrors.kernel.org, the http URL 
won't really get used (no doubt someone has already done so). There is 
some caching involved, so the traffic won't die down immediately. Please 
check the situation some time next week. Please bear with us if I didn't 
get this configuration right on the first try. I haven't done this before.

If you want to totally eliminate all http traffic to mirrors.kernel.org 
we'll need to figure out a different solution to this problem.