[CentOS-mirror] New mirror (Russia)

Mon Feb 19 13:53:39 UTC 2018
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Anton Zheltyshev kirjoitti 19.2.2018 klo 15.40:
> I changed update time (20 min)
> Please change IPs & 2a00:1f70:0:10::180

Hmm, I don't think it makes sense to sync more often than hourly. It 
takes a while for the msync.centos.org nodes to synchronize (there are 
quite a few such machines) and if you are unlucky, you may sometimes 
first hit an up-to-date msync node and then 20 minutes later an msync 
node that hasn't been updated yet, causing some bits to be transferred 
twice. There's also the load issue that will need to be taken into 

Anyway, I have now updated the access control list. It too takes a while 
to propagate, but you should be able to rsync at around xx:05 (fill in 
xx as appropriate for your timezone).