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Wed Jan 3 22:59:48 UTC 2018
Christopher Hawker <christopherh1992 at outlook.com.au>

Hi John,

In the office network for the company I work for, our direct carrier has a CentOS mirror and we are connected via 10Gb dark fiber. The workaround we used was to comment out the mirrorlist URL in /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo and change the base URL to the locally hosted server.


Christopher H.

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Due to the large number of mirrors in the US and only 10 mirrors showing
up at a time in the mirrorlist metalink for yum's fastestmirror plugin
to perform speed tests against, our mirror rarely shows up for clients
within our own datacenter which should be < 1ms latency. Instead, it
typically selects much slower mirrors out of state.

I located a post from December 2011 on this list titled "Not on mirror
list" mentioning that an instance of Fedora's MirrorManager project was
getting close to deployment. This would be extremely helpful for
redirecting clients within our IP space to our mirror since
MirrorManager allows for redirecting an entire ASN.

Has there been any progress in the deployment of MirrorManager so we can
manage our own entries and benefit from the additional features it provides?


John Struse
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