[CentOS-mirror] Some information about Mirror site update

Fri Jan 12 00:11:15 UTC 2018
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

李 盛洲 kirjoitti 11.1.2018 klo 16.16:
> Hi, admins of Centos Mirror:
> We are Shanghai University Open Source Community. And we have changed 
> the mirror site domain. Here are the details:
> HTTP: https://mirrors.shu.edu.cn/centos (IPv4) 
> https://mirrors.shu6.edu.cn/centos (IPv6)
> FTP: ftp://mirrors.shu.edu.cn/centos (IPv4) 
> ftp://mirrors.shu6.edu.cn/centos (IPv6)
> RSYNC:  rsync://mirrors.shu.edu.cn/centos 
> (IPv4) rsync://mirrors.shu6.edu.cn/centos (IPv6)
> Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs
> Bandwidth: 2G (Changed)
> Location: For China
> Sponsor: Shanghai University Open Source Community
> Sponsor URL: https://osc.shu.edu.cn
> IPv4 address to authorize:
> IPv6 address to authorize: 2001:da8:8006:11:225:90ff:fee1:813e/64
> Email contact: osc at oa.shu.edu.cn  (Changed)
> Mirroring AltArch  : no
> We are so looking forward to hear a reply from you. Thank you!
> Best wishes,
> Li Shengzhou
> Shanghai University Open Source Community.

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately we don't support HTTPS at the 
moment, so I had to use HTTP for your mirror instead.

Your rsync URL does not seem to work. On closer inspection it looks like 
you have placed CentOS files to a directory named "cenots". It'd be nice 
if you could rename this to "centos" so that the URL would work. Don't 
worry, I make similar typos myself all the time.

We also don't have separate entries for IPv6-enabled mirrors in our 
database. In this age and time I would recommend simply adding the IPv6 
AAAA records for your main mirrors.shu.edu.cn mirror hostname. There are 
already around 250 such dual-stacked mirrors (of 608 up-to-date 
IPv4-capable mirrors), but the more the merrier.

Even though I was able to use HTTP for your IPv4 mirror, looks like your 
IPv6 mirror has different configuration. When I request 
http://mirrors.shu6.edu.cn/centos/TIME I get redirected to 

https://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreatePublicMirrors was recently modified 
to contain this snippet: "If you set up HTTPS, please do not redirect 
HTTP requests to HTTPS. There may be organizations that allow outbound 
HTTP connections but not HTTPS connections, and any redirects may cause 
problems for them." Please let your mirror users select if they want to 
use HTTP or HTTPS.

Nevertheless, I have now updated your mirror's details in the database.